Welcome to the Gloomy Hollows of Spookinite Valley

Some secrets shall always rest unseen in the darkness—far from the eyes of any curious mortal. Indeed, Spookinite Valley is the shadow that such secrets are obscured in. And without doubt, the Valley’s inhabitants are far from benevolent. For only between the desolate, gloomy mountains, inhospitable nightstalkers, violent ghouls, wrathful phantoms, and their innumerable tales of unutterable horrors lie in wait. Even the most dauntless of souls who dare venture into its uncanny depths will come to the inescapable realization that The Dark Sickness lives freely within the hearts of all. And once this knowledge is obtained, the trespasser will become sullied with the aforementioned morbidity of the heart.

---Many Ghoulish Tales Await The Living, Here In This Dark Place---

Novellas & Creatures

The Old Haunted Inn - I

The Rural Hauntings - II

The Spookinite House - III

Winston Manor Mortuary

Wary Perceptions


The Spidress' Order

A Grim Inheritance - This story is a work in progress.

The Creatures

Short Stories & Darkness

What I Did Not Dare

The Melting Candle

My Very Own Fiends

Spider Of The Foothills

The Ghoul Of Maple Hill

My Heartless Heart

The Fear Of Deceit

Main Gothic Stories
The Old Haunted Inn - I

Visit an old Inn and uncover many dark secrets . . .

The Rural Hauntings - II

The grisly creatures have awoken beneath us . . .

The Spookinite House - III

Spend an evening in our haunted home . . .

Poetry, Rites & Prophecies

The Shadow of Poetry

The Summoning

Disturbing Rituals

Hunter's Moon Prophecy

Lingering Ghosts

The Dark History

The Night Whence It Came

It was indeed an exceedingly cold evening in late October--every tree upon the vast hillsides shuddered while the furious thunder rumbled violently over the obscured valley. The tempest was imminent, but something of an even more malevolent nature was approaching. The wailing and unrested spirits could be heard from inside the walls of the forsaken Inn; for they knew that during the forthcoming unhallowed night, the long-awaiting secrets would be revealed and the lingering darkness would be released.

When The Darkness Grew

And as the dreadfulness of the proceeding night wore on, rather twisted and horrid things began transpiring--menacing whispers resounded over the broad cornfields while blackening hazes consumed the nightly heavens. All moonlight had ceased as the gruesome creatures freed themselves from underneath the earth--and then shortly after, their irredeemable hunger grew. But alas, it was merely the beginning of the end.

The Horrendous Ending

Ethereal winds began crying out unnaturally as the wraiths of the shadows descended upon the mortal realms. Heavy heartbeats resonated over the lands as brooding screams and shrieks endured unceasingly. Indeed, the grimness of such ghastly demise was evoked. Spectres of The Nocturnal chanted ancient hymns so thus the harvesting of darkness could commence, and every lost soul would be everlastingly incarnated into a creature borne from the Dark Sickness.

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