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Prophecy of the Hunter's Moon
Written by Benjamin Fouché

The following document is the text recovered from a small book of remarkable age. The book was discovered in a vandalized mausoleum at Maple Hill, a cemetery outside the town of Hemlock. Police believe whoever placed the book in the crypt is responsible for the disappearance of a detective; he had been sent to examine the desecrated graves at the churchyard. 

Every October, the Hunter’s Moon rises over the dull, midnight landscape.  A darkness strengthens within its unhallowed radiance every year.  There are grim events that can be discerned within the Hunter’s Moon’s glow; a prophecy can bestow upon mortals visions of a series of ghastly occurrences.  At length, these events will confound civilization.  The shackles of sanity will be broken, and The Dark Sickness will thereupon seize the unsuspecting living.  The dead and demented will rejoice, and unto the temporal realms, their age shall be borne.

Every month of the year possesses its very own full moon. But indeed, October’s full moon—the Hunter’s Moon—is singular.  Under a Hunter’s Moon, one will enter a dominion that scarcely penetrates the veil—the stirring gusts brew forbidden dreams—peculiar fancies are roused—and entities, of which are usually deemed only of the imagination, briefly roam the land of the living.  And why, during these times do we become obsessed with melancholy, madness, and fear?  It is simply an instinctive curiosity that we inherit during the moment that our very existences commence.  And forevermore, we carry about with us this morbidity. 

Mortals who develop obsessions with morose subjects only burn the coals that bade The Dark Sickness forth.  The ghoulish longings that we sometimes hold easily reflect that of the forthcoming events.  It may be distinguished in the Hunter’s Moon that these desires, which we imprison, will ultimately be freed when the unpitying hour advents into our lives.  A shroud of blackness will consume the heavens, and the Hunter’s Moon will leer upon the dismay that is invoked.  When the veil becomes thinnest on the 31st of October, and the Hunter’s Moon ascends into the heavens during the same night, breaking the lunar cycle, the collision of the living and the dead’s domain shall ignite a discharge of unending doom and chaos.

But before one may understand the reason these events shall occur, he or she must define its sole cause.  Morbus Tenebris, which is known in English as Dark Sickness, is a spiritual morbidity.  The Dark Sickness may be observed as both a metaphoric illness and a literal illness.  It feeds incessantly off of appalling curiosities, pernicious yearnings, and grisly fancies.  In addition, The Dark Sickness will thrive in the mortal spirit during times of great dread; thenceforth, the temporal soul becomes a host.  Morbus Tenebris is merely one of the many names attributed to this malevolent malady, which, in actuality, is a conscious being known as The Master.  His will is of uttermost insanity. It is he, The Master, who shall initiate the event that befalls the evening of the Hunter’s Moon.  He and his companions will join in communion while their mirth disperses into the air.  Creatures borne of pumpkin shall crawl forth, ushering in the Eternal Night.

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