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 The Many Morbid Tales of Spookinite Valley

Numerous Ghoulish Stories Await the Living, Here in This Dark Place

Main Gothic Horror Stories:

Θ “Eternal Night” (Novella)
A harrowing event befalls the entire world one cold, dark Halloween night.  Can you survive this second-person-narrative horror story?

Θ “The Winston Manor Mortuary”
A depressed mortician is convinced that his continuous nightmares are real. Strange and unearthly occurrences relentlessly haunt him, while an insidious darkness begins to seep through his heart, mind, and soul. Can he fight the daunting shadow that stalks him, or will it ultimately consume him?

Θ “Wary Perceptions”
When a man travels to an isolated inn to work as a servant in exchange for shelter and food, he begins to perceive that things are not truly as they seem.

Θ “Morley”
When a curious traveler visits the town of Hemlock in the autumn of 1851, a series of ghastly and baleful events leave a permanent mark on the unsuspecting community.

Θ “The Spidress's Order”
Eons ago, they once occupied the shadowed depths of the sylvan New England forests. By day, they were insignificant, eight-legged creatures. By night, they transmuted into unremitting hunters from the shadows, as well as builders of an advanced—yet callous—civilization. Their enigmatic monoliths now stand in ruin, scarcely seen by all. How the arcane Spider Race vanished is undeniably an even graver mystery.

Θ “A Grim Inheritance”
An asylum physician aids detectives in investigating the mysterious Winston Manon Mortuary case.  However, he soon realizes that becoming involved will prove to be a grave mistake, as many dark elements are at work.

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