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My Heartless Heart
Written by Benjamin Fouché


I must confide in you that I do indeed possess a heartless heart.  Yet, while I pen my disturbing expressions with words of such wisdom and passion, I will illustrate my ways which greatly contrast with that of the living.  I am quite aware that I do hold the capability and repute of being remorseless.  Nonetheless, my very own love is of a darker—more malevolent—more deviant nature.  And I become infuriated to perceive that many would claim my philosophy to be unhallowed.

The truth of the matter is that my very essence exceeds in undertaking menacing deeds.  Perhaps my empathy merely belongs to creatures borne from the depths of unrivaled madness.  The things I do are undeniably for my individual wellbeing, however, they are also for the sake of my kin’s vile and repugnant souls.  If they hunger, so would I—if they become restless, so would I—if they fear, so would I—but fear is purely an emotion that we cannot—and will not—comprehend.

I cannot see myself distressing over something ‘insane.’  And perhaps, that is why the living have given me that very name—and rightly so!  We do bring forth immense melancholy and dread, because those are the very merits our spirits preserve.  Now then, I am certain you are, in all probability, wondering: why do I say I have a heartless heart?

This is not my perspective, but the outlook of the deplorable mortals.  They deem me to be a lord who poses menace and horror—well, I will not lie—that much is true!—but, in slight correction, I bestow a peaceful world—to my beloved kin, that is.  For when my night befalls, I shall let loose every single one of them.  Undoubtedly, they will ravage and devour anyone who stands in their way.

It will certainly be something that I shall find amusement in.  And throughout the years, while I have raised them, I’ve realized that the bit of affection I do surprisingly hold is only meant for beings of the ill-willed.  I am their Master, and it is my longing to evolve them into merciless savages.  Why? Because I dearly love them!  And truthfully, my love is sincere, but this can only be seen with a far more intelligent perception—something you unquestionably lack.

They have thrived within the obscured valley I have given them, but their agitation is increasing by the hour of each night—mine as well. They can only linger in this vale’s shadows for so long. As mentioned earlier, an evening of vast dismay shall descend and that will be the moment they are freed from this realm. And the most delightful part of this will be knowing it is happening all for the meager sake of my heartless heart!

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