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 The Many Morbid Tales of Spookinite Valley

The Summoning
Written by Benjamin Fouché

Gain the wisdom to summon the grisly Creatures of Spookinite Valley. Follow each step if you immensely desire to evoke a living nightmare upon this temporal realm. However, if you do not possess the competence of engaging in such a malevolent act, then you should not attempt the following.

- - - This ritual can only be held on nights of the Hunter’s Moon, which always befalls an October evening - - -

Begin the grim ceremony by preparing seven cauldrons forming a circle in the center of a pumpkin-bearing field. The pumpkins represent the harvesting of souls and the open field represents the vastness of which lone specters roam. Subsequently, you will ignite the fires around the kettles' bases; this will beckon any lost or wandering soul, which is essential for increasing the ritual's dark energy. Furthermore, you will need to have seven flawless pumpkins waiting to be dropped inside the boiling liquids of the cauldrons.  After proceeding to do so, the more critical part begins. This requires you to use the darkest corners of your very own soul. Begin by meditating deeply, breathing and feeling the cold air around. Once you have entered your state of meditation, you shall chant the “The Unhallowed Carol”. This ancient hymn is what awakens the disturbed, provokes the restless, and enthralls every soul--living or dead--that is tainted by madness.

- - - Entirely conjured from thy grim pumpkins and thy darkest burnings; I have summoned thee from my very own grisly desires and horrid yearnings, Churning violently and shaping fearsomely, I willingly share my enduring gloom, So thus thy terror cast from thy shadows can malevolently loom. - - -

From thence you shall watch in wondrous joy as The Dark Sickness begins to breathe in and feast upon the mortals. Once this is brought forth into beginning, there is no ending the everlasting pandemonium.

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