The Spidress' Order - I

Written and Illustrated by Benjamin Fouché

On the Night of Judgement, the younglings would be tried in a pit of remarkable depth, from which they would be rendered no escape.  Volker would lead them to the precipitous crater, and throw them in one by one.  Each youngling unwillingly stood in position against the steep, imposing walls that encircled them.  Two would be called forth by Volker and viciously ordered to attack each other in a condemning tournament—both were to show no mercy (considered a weakness), only a perpetual violence, or else Volker would enter the pit and mercilessly inject a lethal venom into the youngling declared futile.  The youngling that reigned victorious would be tried again on two other occasions.  If the youngling survived both additional ordeals, he would be enlisted into The Spidress’ army of hunters.  Thus, Volker was a critical figure among The Spidress’ Empire.

Once several younglings became hunters, Wolfrick would establish a pack.  Wolfrick’s responsibility was exceedingly crucial, for not every hunter could fuse in accord—on the contrary, hunters would—from time to time—drain the bodily fluids of one another.  If one hunter perceived his comrade to possess a more dominant trait, he would commence a conflict, until it would progress into a physical quarrel.  In other instances, several hunters would develop insecurities for their Alpha, and plot an attempt to rid their pack of him by any means necessary.  Undoubtedly, these actions became a familiarity to Wolfrick—and therefore, it was his sworn obligation to arrange the hunters in a wise and delicate manner—thus assuring The Spidress that her army was dependable.  Wolfrick would not tolerate resentment among the hunters—he would ruthlessly devour those that refused to cooperate.

Hunters that exhibited extraordinary capabilities were assigned by Nikolaus, who was the commandant of the elites.  The elite hunters would firstly participate in the ethereal rituals that were held upon Ghastwood Hummock—and only those considered commendable by The Spidress were permitted to engage in the ancient traditions of the Spider Race—for if any other spider attempted to carry forth a ceremonial action, it was an unspeakable sacrilege that would, at length, lead to immediate death—and indeed, Nikolaus found splendor in pronouncing the insubordinate to be “insufferable blasphemers”.  Secondly, the elite hunters would be sent outward to search for the cherished and sacred mineral known as Amethyst.  Its dark-violet crystals were known to retain an energy that attracted The Dark Sickness—an entity that would lastly grant the Spider Race the key to forever ridding themselves of their were disorder.

Meinrad was second in command of the entire Empire.  He would aid The Spidress in implementing essential strategies, when invading villages near and afar.  Meinrad would also give direct orders to Volker, Wolfrick, and Nikolaus—he expected all three of them to obey punctually.  When the hunters ruthlessly raided and plundered the villages, they would amass the humans—for they were indeed considered an honorable delicacy to the Spider Race.  Besides nourishment, the foremost motivation for conquering the villages was to find the seeds of a particular plant that was desired by The Spidress; this plant would, in the end, allow The Dark Sickness to manifest in the material dimension.  And for this, they dreamed always.   Meinrad swore an oath to The Spidress—he would personally make certain that her plot flourished beyond expectations.

It was by the wanes and waxes of the moon that the great Spider Race became nearer and nearer to their vast longing.  And yet, it still felt as if time would only prolong over the course of their immortal journey.  What happened to them you ask?  My, my, it is rather unwise for you to query of such knowledge that you cannot yet comprehend.  While this forbidden narrative progresses, hopefully the chance to observe how true darkness seeped into the world shall be bestowed upon you.  And perhaps afterwards, you will recognize the purpose which the lonesome ruins once had.  Our tale begins with an ebon portal opening in the universe.  Comparable to a maelstrom, everything is consumed by this gaping hole in time and space.  However, before the uncanny vortex collapses, an interstellar object is expelled—its surface is cratered—with a hue blacker than death—lusterless—and unblessed.  It now approaches the earth, quickening its graceless descent.  And without further notice—impact.

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