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 The Many Morbid Tales of Spookinite Valley

Numerous Ghoulish Stories Await the Living, Here in This Dark Place

Short Stories:

Θ “What I Did Not Dare”
Guests are always welcome in Mr.
Mansfield’s Inn.

Θ “The Melting Candle”
A traveler who normally passes an abandoned house with a lit candle in the window finally succumbs to his curiosity.

Θ “My Very Own Fiends”
The dead are far more enjoyable company than the living.

Θ “Spider of the Foothills”
Through a forbidden passage in the wilderness, a man traveling on horseback is stalked by a monstrous arachnid.

Θ “The Ghoul of Maple Hill”
An investigator discovers that there is something more to the desecration of graves at a local cemetery than anyone could have ever imagined.

Θ “My Heartless Heart”
The dark wraith of Spookinite Valley describes his own philosophy in a poetic expression.

Θ “The Fear of Deceit”
Fear and the imagination are both impressively powerful.  Sometimes, this can lead to unexpected nightmares.

Θ “Ghastly and Veiled”
What at first seems to be another meager haunted house story soon becomes something far more disturbing.

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