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 The Many Morbid Tales of Spookinite Valley

Numerous Ghoulish Stories Await the Living, Here in This Dark Place

Rites, Poetry, and Prophecies:

Θ “The Shadow of Poetry”
Haunting poems of a grim nature.

Θ “The Summoning”
Gain the wisdom to summon the grisly creatures of Spookinite Valley and forever sully the world with darkness and demise.

Θ “Disturbing Rituals”
A manual of horrid and ghastly rituals that have dire consequences.

Θ “Prophecy of the Hunter's Moon”
Something brooding can be discerned within the Hunter's Moon.

Θ “Lingering Ghosts”
An essay on ghosts and death.

Θ “The Dark History”
Learn the history of Spookinite Valley.

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