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Corruption Immortal by Morbus Tenebris - Coming December 21st, 2020

A peculiar man—or shadow—wishes to bring you into countless realms beyond all conceivable dreams and nightmares.  It would indeed be discourteous to decline The Coffin Keeper’s offer.  Walk forth with him beyond the grave and witness stories laid to rest that may never be told again.  In this musical journey, phantoms, mysteries, and landscapes cloaked in darkness will rise and beckon you to travel where none dare wander.  However, the dark mortician only asks that you heed his warning: nothing in the temporal world is forever except Corruption Immortal.  And there will come a day when you shall know its inevitable touch.


Eternal Night by Morbus Tenebris- Released October 17th, 2019

For many centuries, a grave and ghoulish conspiracy has been undertaken—far from the sight of the mentally sane. Sewn with shadow and weaved with wrath, the event known as the Eternal Night is imminent like a black hurricane looming beyond the shore. An ethereal illness swirls through the realm of midnight—beckoning new brethren. Those who are infected follow him to a secret valley and carry forth The Dark Sickness’s malevolent schemes. On October 31st, Pumpkin Daemons will awaken and the mirth of gruesome ghouls will resound throughout the cold, merciless air.

Eternal Night is available for purchase at iTunes and Amazon.  Listen now on Spotify and YouTube Music.


Shadows On The Wall by Morbus Tenebris - Released September 7th 2018

An insidious haunted house themed attraction entitled “Gravestone Manor” mysteriously appears at different traveling carnivals and fairs across the country.  The ghoulishly illustrated characters on the façade morbidly peer into the souls of all who warily contemplate entering.  Perhaps these imaginative fiends are indeed real and are lying in wait beyond the pitch-black doorway.  Venture through a foreboding musical journey and attempt to survive the merciless twists and turns ahead as shadows on the wall come to life.

Shadows On The Wall is available for purchase at iTunes and Amazon. Listen now on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Visit www.morbustenebris.com for more information.


"Morbus Tenebris has made a great first impression with Shadows On The Wall." ---Gravedigger's Local 16

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