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Welcome to the Gloomy Hollows
of Spookinite Valley

Est. Sept. 2012

Lost Letters & Journals

Read the Words of Travelers and Their Unusual Observations.

Only within the writings of travelers and visitors from the past can you receive a far greater insight into the inexplicable events that transpire throughout Spookinite Valley.  It is not known to whom the journal entry pages belonged, but the varying handwriting suggests there were several distinct authors.  Indeed, the pages were discovered by travelers.  Many consequently presume the original authors met their early demises—their journal entries merely a testament to the terrible things they witnessed.  Furthermore, the letters are from past residents of Hemlock who were writing to friends, describing peculiar encounters and sensations they experienced.  Of course, we cannot prove or be certain that these authors are telling the truth.  Thus, you must decide for yourself as to how sincere the letters and journal pages are.  However, it would still be quite wise to treat these as genuine warnings.

Lost Letters:

Letter 1

Letter 2

Letter 3


Lost Journal Entries:

Journal Entry 1

Journal Entry 2

Journal Entry 3


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