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 The Many Morbid Tales of Spookinite Valley

Disturbing Rituals
Written by Benjamin Fouché

"Odious" by Morbus Tenebris

--- A chilling manual that holds within many grim and unsettling rituals. We shall not be held accountable for unwanted visitors, hauntings, continuous nightmares or gruesome visions. Proceed, if you insist. However, we ask that you keep in mind the unendurable horrors which are insidiously awaiting those who dare to evoke such malevolence. ---

1 – He’ll Be Knocking In Your Attic

For those of you who greatly desire to come face-to-face with a grim entity of a violent temperament, we insist that you attempt the following––at your own risk. To begin this grave rite, you must begin by lighting the wick of a violet candle thirty-one times. Please keep in mind that each time, you shall only light it for a quick second. However, once you ignite the candle’s wick for the thirty-first time, you must leave it burning. Now, with the candle lit, you must visit an abandoned cemetery and recite the following, “Enter My Domain And Remain In This Life Eternally.” Once you have declared this, proceed back to your home. Once you enter, go up and into your attic. When inside, extinguish the flame. Afterwards, you should hear a loud and distinctive knocking coming from directly behind you. Wait a few moments before facing the spirit. Once facing the direction from which the knocking came, the spirit will reveal itself, and you shall realize that it is actually a ghoul with ill intentions.

2 – Cadaverous Roots

This one is especially for those of you with morbid curiosity. Begin this ceremony by finding an old, decaying tree. Once discovered, you must gather the items necessary for continuing the ritual. You will need five candles, paper, and an ink quill. Once collected, return to the rotting tree during nightfall––quietness is essential. Begin by delicately placing each candle around the tree. Afterwards, you shall light each one, chanting as you do, “Morbus Tenebris”, which translates from Latin to, “Dark Sickness”. Once you have completed this part, you will continue the rite by writing the same phrase five times on the sheet of paper. We ask that you carefully space each word apart. From thenceforth, you will tear the paper in five different pieces, and then, burn each one by the flame of the five individual candles. Once the pieces of paper have become mere ashes, you shall snuff out four candles. The one that remains lit will shed light upon what you have summoned. Now, watch as the tree is supernaturally uprooted from the ground. When the tree falls, something shall arise from the surface; strangled within the roots will be a desiccated corpse. 

3 – A Nightmare Reality

Once brought forth into beginning, there is no turning back. You will need seventeen crimson candles, an isolated area in a forest, and a mind, baring no thought, other than the desire to venture into this unhallowed ceremony. To begin, head to your chosen desolate place at dusk and form a circle with the seventeen unlit candles. Afterwards, you shall stand in the center of the candle ring, prepared to begin lighting them. As you proceed to do so, the air shall increasingly become unsettled. Once the final wick is ignited, stand still, breathe deeply, and feel the obscurity become heavier. There should be an abrupt shriek if done correctly. Once your very ears garner the foreboding sound, you must wake yourself from the meditation. Return to your home and immediately head into your bedroom. As you open the door, you shall see a hideous being prowling by your bed. However, all at once, you will awaken from what now has become a dreadful nightmare. The final part of this ritual requests that you watch your bedroom door. It will open and you shall once more be greeted by the disturbing entity. From thence, you will everlastingly be imprisoned within a nightmare reality.

4 – It Shall Follow You Home

We highly recommend this one for those of you who enjoy the thrill of being relentlessly stalked. For this ritual, all that is required is a candle. From thence, the little courage that you surprisingly possess will carry forth the rest of the rite. At dusk, light the wick of the candle and venture into a forsaken graveyard or cemetery. Once you have set foot upon the resting grounds, carefully, and slowly, stride around, chanting the words, “Spirit Of The Unhallowed Follow Me.” Repeat these very words until all sunlight has diminished. Now, with the weak illumination of your candle’s flame, you shall stare into the shadows that it casts. Gaze upon them until a swift and hooded shadow moves through the light. After seeing this, leave the cemetery and extinguish the flame. While you walk home, you should feel an intense and horrid presence.

5 – Harvest Of The Ghouls

Engaging in this ritual may result in being taken from your home and put into a place that you would not wish to be. Begin by taking a piece of amethyst and placing it on the windowsill in your bedroom with the window open. Afterwards, you must carefully lock both your back and front doors. Once you have finished this, you shall now draw the curtains of all of the windows in your house. From thence, you will cease all light. Subsequently, you must lock your bedroom door, crawl into bed, and fall asleep. At midnight, there will be a loud thud against the wall which shall awaken you. Upon opening your eyes, there will be a corpselike figure peering at you from the bedside. All attempts at moving away will be in vain.  And you will realize that you only shut the curtains of your bedroom window, but did not lock the actual panel. By now, the ghastly being shall seize you with such aggression. While you are carried off into the murky darkness, it will become apparent that there are other creatures as well. Violently, you shall be shoved inside a coffin, and ultimately, buried alive.

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