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Corruption Immortal - Coming December 21st 2020

Graveyards and libraries have much in common, for they are both places in which stories rest.  However, the stories in libraries can be read many times, while the stories in cemeteries cannot.  Yet what if I were to tell you that this is not entirely true?  What if I told you that dead stories can be opened and read?  On this night, ride in my hearse and let me show you realities to which few souls venture.  Here, horror and fantasy are as true as death.  The books I shall soon bury are comparable to the minds of mortals: their decay is inevitable but their stories are what define their existence.  Perhaps most importantly, let these forgotten tales linger in your own mindif you read them.  Decide now or waste precious moments that you can never take back.  Always remember that time is scarce and Corruption is Immortal.

Eternal Night - Published: September 2nd, 2019

Insanity. Such an exceedingly over-opinionated word used by the so-called sane. But what truly is this phenomenon we shun without deliberation? Why does this word invoke fright and foreboding? Perhaps your irrational civilization is to blame for the fearful emotions you deem instinctual. And contrary to your unsophisticated preconceived notion, there are many tales within these pages that will, perhaps, persuade you that madness can bestow upon special individuals a wondrous gift. Hearken! For a mortician became enlightened—an innkeeper realized his purpose—a horrid presence on the earth was slain—and the rites of the forsaken were conveyed. Yet this is merely a foretaste of what awaits you. Leave now or embrace the gift I offer you in this realm of nocturnal eternity.

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Shadows On The Wall - Published: August 13th, 2018

Three fears tormented my mind as a child: Nyctophobia—the fear of darkness.  Teraphobia—the fear of monsters.  And Sanguivoriphobia—the fear of vampires.  Usually, as one grows older, such ridiculous terrors gradually subside.  Yet mine only persisted. The grave events began during my boyhood. They transpired on the night of which I discovered my remarkable gift.  But on that night, my three fears also ravenously and quite literally came forth into this world.  As a result, I had to make a choice—and I confess, the choice I made has cost me nearly everything. For fourteen years there was a calm in my life. Alas, it was one o’ clock a.m.—the dead of night—when the late-summer wind silently declared their return to this world.  Indeed, they are coming for me—and my time wanes with the dying light of my candlestick’s wavering flame.

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